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Support the reproduction and protection of Bluebirds and their nesting environments!

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All donations are 100% tax deductible and a receipt will be provided via PayPal for your records.

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We use Paypal to accept your generous donation. On Paypal’s payment page, you’ll be able to select to donate by credit or debit card, if you don’t have a Paypal account. Or, you can choose Offline if you’d prefer to donate via check. Thank you!

Mission Statement: “For avian education; religious instruction; prevent cruelty to pet birds; teach responsibility and care of owning pet birds; and to educate the significance of trees to sustain life for wildlife and humans”.

When you donate to our cause, you’ll receive a complimentary gift!

  • $5: Receive Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Guide
  • $10: Receive Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Guide + 11×17 inch Bluebird Poster
  • $15: Receive Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Guide + 11×17 inch Bluebird Poster + Backyards Birds and Blossoms Coloring Book
A note about donations!

Our non-profit organization would not exist without the help of our dedicated volunteers. Every little bit helps, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the tips of our tails.

How To Become a Sponsor – Your Donation is 100% Tax Deductible
In order to provide educational entertainment for terminally ill children, special needs, inner-city school, the elderly, or to present a Christian program to your church, we need your help. The birds food, housing, care, veterinary needs, travel expenses & other operating costs are very expensive. Your tax deductible donation toward sponsoring a program could make hundreds of children or adults happy. Any donation helps us continue providing wholesome entertainment to scouts, schools, churches and community events. Donations also help feed the birds, provide medical care, housing, and transportation to educate through these beautiful birds.

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Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Guide

Written by Wings of Love, Our Eastern Bluebird Next Box Guide is a short, invaluable PDF overview chalked full of information all about bluebird nest boxes. This guide provides you with all the information you’ll need to successfully make, place, and care for nesting boxes to maximize bluebird usage potential:

  • Discusses nesting habits of Mountain, Eastern, Western Bluebirds
  • Annual Nesting Cycles and Nesting Schedule broken down by month
  • Types of acceptable nesting boxes
  • When, where, how to make and place nesting boxes
  • Where to hang or not to hang nesting boxes
  • Ideal dimensions, spacing, and door (hole) size for nesting boxes
  • How, where to situate nesting boxes, how to face them
  • Proper placement to maximize comfort, protection, food convenience
  • Extra, special considerations when making, placing nesting boxes
  • How to monitor, maintain nesting boxes
  • Tips about Winter Roost Boxes and managing house sparrow interference

Bluebird nesting boxes printout preview box

11×17 inch Bluebird Poster

This beautiful poster features a collage of bluebirds on nest boxes, in the snow, on flower stems, picking berries, and socializing. We will mail you the poster printed on recycled paper.

Eastern Bluebird poster preview featuring eastern bluebirds

Backyard Birds and Blossoms Coloring Book

Coloring enthusiasts, bird lovers, and flower gardeners will all delight in our biggest and most exciting 10.8″ x 9.9″ new coloring book, set at home where the majority of America’s 100 million birders and flower gardeners live and interact with nature every day-Backyard Birds and Blossoms.

Featuring 88 pages of glorious backyard birds with flowering annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines, each coloring page is intricately designed with scientific accuracy to create real and true connections with nature at home. As a BONUS feature, we’ve included a 30″ landscape poster that can be removed and colored for a wonderful extended experience. And, this is our first coloring book to include our FREE downloadable BIRD QR app to tap, listen, and learn.

Birds and Blossoms coloring book showing colored and uncolored poster

Backyard Birds and Blossoms is the third adult coloring title from leading bird authority, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and this one dives deeper into what birders love as they enjoy their own personal “great outdoors” at home. For this special coloring book, we’ve assembled an “A-team” of contributors-Dr. Emma Ileana Greig, the Cornell Lab’s Director of renowned “citizen science” platform, Project FeederWatch; Stacy Tornio, former editor of Birds & Blooms Magazine and author of Bird Brainiacs; and Brenda Lyons, who brought us America’s Favorite Birds.

Birds and Blossoms coloring book artwork featuring a yellow bird sitting on pink flowers Birds and Blossoms coloring book artwork featuring 2 birds Birds and Blossoms coloring book of two pages of bird photographs

Birds and Blossoms coloring book of birds to color Birds and Blossoms coloring book of birds to color Birds and Blossoms coloring book of birds to color

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