Enjoy a beautiful breezy summer afternoon under the shade of a tree at the library, as Howard Burbach, longtime coachman and equestrian, explains about horses. He will bring a Percheron, a large draft horse, and a Missouri foxtrotter, to discuss their anatomy, different breeds of horses, riding, hitching, saddling, grooming, nutrition, and safety.

Stoney the Percheron is over 18 hands – a measurement used to measure height of horses.  A hand is four inches, so this would be 72 inches or 6 feet. A horse is measured from the ground to its withers. If you feel at the end of a horse’s mane, you will find a small flat sport, which is the withers.

There are only two of these programs we are doing this year so you don’t want to miss them.  Our Percherons are very sweet, large and unique.  Photo is of Yvonne and Stoney,  one of our Percheron’s.

Afterwards everybody gets to pet the horses.