The Cass County Library in Pleasant Hill, Mo., is hosting a FREE performing bird show on Thursday, June 9th, at 2:00 pm.  It will be held at The Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.  The church’s location is 317 Maple Street, Pleasant Hill, Mo.  You will be AMAZED as a live bird appears from an exciting book, and see a cockatoo and macaw that does tricks.  What kind of tricks?  How about roller skating, riding a bicycle, playing basketball, raising the flag and more!  You will meet a toucan, a hyacinth macaw (the largest specie of parrot in the world), and you’ll meet Swoop, the largest type of owl in the world.  You’ll learn fascinating facts about all the birds, and at the end, Swoop will silently glide over the audience.  He’ll need somebody to hold his perch up.  Will that be you?