New Life Assembly of God Church, located at 801 S.W. First Street in Oak Grove, Mo., is sponsoring an outreach program to others in the community at 10:15 am on January 8, 2017.  If your child or neighbor has never been in a church, please bring them to this one.  Guaranteed to be a GREAT opportunity for them to witness how fun it is to be around other people their age, while learning about the Lord and how he used a bird (the dove) to communicate to Noah the flood was over.

We will talk about how God made all of us very unique.  Every child or adult in attendance will leave feeling as they should, very special.

Swoop the enormous Eurasian eagle-owl, very rare parrots and a toucan will be present.  You’ll see the smallest type of parrot and the largest.  These birds will not only talk and sing, they will do tricks!  You’ll see one roller skate, ride a bicycle, play basketball and other things.  A very memorable experience for all.  Please join us!