For the Love of Birds

Have you thought about getting a pet bird? There are about 350 species of parrots living today; most people know of about 10 or 15. Apartment dwellers may prefer quieter birds like finches or canaries, who can be nice songsters, even serenading YOU as you walk by their cage. Meet a few of the Wings of Love, Inc. Bird Show birds and get a crash course in birdkeeping.

No matter what type of bird might fit your fancy, it will behoove you to listen to an expert give some suggestions on what to expect. Aviculturist Yvonne Burbach has kept birds since she was 2 years old; she did rainforest photojournalism for three decades; her birds have been in front of the public since 1970; and she has kept over 300 birds in captivity through the years.

Yvonne can tell you what specie(s) of bird might be best for you and/or your family, and advise some tips and tricks of working with them. Yes…working with them. If someone was to call you a ‘bird brain’ you should not be insulted, as some birds brains are equivalent to that of a 5-year old child. Their brains have been compared to a primate’s brain.

Learn about a bird’s care, caging, species-specific diets, and hazards in homes that can accidentally kill your bird before it possibly harms or kills your family.