The Blue Springs South  Library, located in Blue Springs, Mo., is hosting an AMAZING performing bird show.  We are the only ones in the Midwest that have birds that actually ride a bicycle, roller skate, etc.  This family fun-filled day includes  one of our largest shows, not yet seen publically in 2017!

You will meet some severely endangered parrots INCLUDING a hyacinth macaw, the largest of all parrots in the world.  You’ll meet one of the smallest parrots in the world too.  We’re bringing the largest type of owl in the world, an Eurasian eagle-owl, who will silently glide over the audience.  You’ll also hear birds speak on cue and maybe even sing!

Our show begins at 2:00 pm and will last approximately 40 minutes.  We hope to see you there.  This is amazing entertainment and very educational for people of all ages.  From 2 years old up to 102 years old.