Free Christian Bird Show Event-First Baptist Church in Oak Grove, Mo.


Birds of Faith, a Bible study of birds in the Bible

Birds of Faith is a one-of-a-kind amazing Christian program, about how the Lord has used birds to help us.  It features our very best and talented birds, and includes scriptures from the Bible, which will be read by the Pastor of the First Baptist Church.  Did you know birds are mentioned in the Bible over 100 times?  You’ll learn about some of the types of birds in the Bible, and meet one of them, an eagle-owl.

Everybody knows the story of Noah and the Ark.  However, children don’t know about Noah sending out the doves and the raven.  When the dove returned to the ark with an olive branch in his beak, the Lord had USED that bird to communicate to Noah, that the flood was over.

This program delivers a message of hope and love.  The birds in attendance will include: an Eurasian eagle-owl, a hyacinth macaw, either a shamrock, blue-throated, or blue and gold macaw, a Moluccan (salmon-crested) cockatoo that will do some tricks including riding a bicycle on a high-wire.  There are only a handful of birds that are able to ride a high-wire bicycle.  Who knows what else he might do?  Possibly raise the American flag, roller skate, play basketball, spell words, pick up trash and either recycle it or throw it in to a trash can, save money for the Church in a piggy bank, he may even drive his own Jeep that has ‘Wings of Love’ on the side of it.

You will definitely hear birds speak on cue, but have you ever heard one sing?  It’s a show not to be missed.  Please come and join the wonderful people of this church, who want to invite you to their chapel for a very unique Bible study of birds in the Bible.

Please call ahead to reserve a spot!