Jungle Law Firm and Our 2 Eagle-Owls on KSHB TV KC LIVE April 23rd at 10:00 am

Meet ‘Swoop and Bubo’ our Eurasian eagle-owls

One never knows what will happen on a LIVE TV set, especially with animals. You place two of the world’s largest owls (believed to be males) during the birds of prey’s breeding season, and … well let’s say we’re hoping for the best.

Have you seen the Tarzan and Jane signs along the highway, or their ads on TV, or at charity fundraisers, or on TV talk shows, or WELL let’s say these two get around! Tristen Woods and his beautiful fiancee’ Lauren Sierra love animals as much as WE do. So much, that part of their law firm (they do personal injury, car accidents, etc.) will prosecute to the fullest extent of law a person that abuses or kills an animal! Tristen and Lauren sponsor several not-for-profit animal groups in the metro area that rescue a specific breed. Whether it be pigs, dogs, the Wings of Love birds, primates or reptiles, they are getting the word out that they are here to help animals in need and be their voice!

KC Live’s long time media broadcaster Joel Nichols knows how to interview people (and animals) to keep things moving. His lovely assistant Michelle Davidson will be there, too, probably to keep an eye on Joel.

Catch this segment and you’re going to learn some fascinating facts about owls and of course see what we believe, are the most beautiful and awesome species of owls. There’s always some laughs with these people and lots of ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ moments.