Our NO. 1 show!  More people see this show every year than all our other programs combined.

Why?  We are the only performing bird show in the Midwest AND our shows are packed full of fun education!  Yvonne Patterson-Burbach did rainforest photojournalism for decades and has kept birds since she was two years old.  Her knowledge of nature and the birds she works with will astound you.  Additionally, our birds not only roller skate, ride a bike, play basketball and spell words, but they bowl, raise the flag, drive a vehicle, hip-hop, break-dance, and other more complicated routines.  *Example provided below

This stunning performance has more magnificent birds than is imaginable.   A surprise bird appears from a book; you’ll meet a parrot who actually pollinates flowers and does EMT rescue atop a firetruck; large macaws and cockatoos do tricks; Amazon parrots talk and/or sing; and our incredibly ‘fashionable’ toucan will delight you.

Come early for a good seat.

*   Example of Complicated Routine:  Bird puts beak over old-fashioned water pump handle & bobs head up & down quickly, as if pumping water from a well.  He hands me a bucket of (pretend) water for me to pour over a pot of flowers, which we both have grown from seed.  He goes back to pumping water and I explain that we’re entering the flowers in to a contest and we could win $500; and we could REALLY use that money.  He hands me the bucket, I pour the water on the flowers, then pick up the pump to put it on the table behind me.  THAT is his cue to run over and YANK the flowers out of the pot and throw them on the floor.