Free Bird Show Event-LaCygne Public Library in LaCygne, Ks


Rare Jewels of the Rain Forests

Come join us for an incredible free bird show featuring some of the most amazing and beautiful birds you’ll ever encounter! Meet the LARGEST and smallest types of parrots in the world, along with some of the most severely endangered parrots in the world * . You will hear a bird sing OR talk, AND meet the largest type of owl in the world, an Eurasian eagle-owl. You will be ‘blown away’ as he silently glides over your head. Someone will hold his perch up as he flies to it for a landing – will that be you? Other birds will present also; even one that appears from an exciting book where the “characters come alive”.

You will see birds do fascinating natural behaviors, learn their origins, and why we should care about endangered species and the rain forests.

* Birds include a hyacinth macaw, either a blue-throated macaw OR a shamrock macaw, a Moluccan cockatoo (or other specie of endangered cockatoo), parrotlet, Amazon parrot(s), one of the medium-sized parrots (ex: African grey, Senegal, blue-headed Pionus, rose-breasted cockatoo, etc.), and of course the largest type of owl in the world.