Rare Jewels of the Rainforests at Leavenworth Public Library (Ks.) 6-13 @ 2:00 pm

The “first city of Kansas” Leavenworth, rich in history, has a wonderful public library that is hosting our endangered species program on June 13th.  This has our best birds in it – including a hyacinth macaw (the largest of all parrot species), an Eurasian eagle-owl (the largest type of owl in the world), and a toco toucan (you guessed it – the largest specie of toucan) and lots of other endangered and rare parrots.

Did you know that the hyacinth macaw’s cobalt-blue feathers – turn an emerald green when wet?  That is because they really aren’t blue!  Whaaaat?  Come to the program  to find out more.  Why does a toucan have such a long beak?  Can an owl turn it’s head all the way around?  Can birds really talk or sing?  Come to the Leavenworth Public Library to learn more.  It’s FREE.  And they’ve got air conditioning!