Free Bird Show Event-Lee’s Summit Mid Continent Public Library (MCPL) in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

For the Love of Birds

See some beautiful parrots up close and personal. You will learn a lot about them (ex: their origin, type, behavior) and hear them talk. You’ll meet the largest type of parrot in the world, a hyacinth macaw; the smallest type of parrot, a parrotlet; you’ll meet an Amazon parrot that talks and/or sings; and other magnificent birds. You will be amazed at how intelligent birds are.

This is a wonderful introduction in to the world of parrots. If you are considering getting a bird for a pet, please talk to us first. We have over 60 years experience in our organization keeping pet birds. We can tell you about diets, personalities, which bird is maybe right for you – help you decide what are you looking for in a pet – and much more. We do not sell birds so we have nothing to gain or lose. Different from going to a pet store.

This is wonderful family entertainment for people of all ages! We hope to see you there.