Because this show will have lots of people it may be held at the larger Northland Rolladium Skate Center, next door to the library (1020 Kent St. in Liberty, Mo.).

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of our performing bird show at Liberty MCPL.  We will have some of our most fabulous birds this year, including the Eurasian eagle-owl, whoooo, at the end of the show, will do a magnificent fly-over ~ silently gliding over the audience ~ with his 5 ½ foot wingspan.   That in itself, is very spectacular.

We will also have a severely endangered hyacinth macaw; the largest of all the parrot species.  Everybody’s favorite ‘Milonga’, the red hip-hop, break-dancing lory, who also does EMT rescue atop his remote controlled firetruck, will be in attendance.

One of the most well-known birds Uala will be there, so he can show you how he roller skates, ride a bicycle, plays basketball, and spells words.  And we’ll have our surprise parrotlet too.  What’s the surprise?  It’s a SURPRISE ~ you’ll have to come and see!  We are going to bring an Amazon parrot that sings.  Yes, SINGS.  He sometimes puts his own words to the music, which will make you laugh.

OH!  We almost forgot one of our more exciting birds to tell you about…ZIPPITY (Zippy for short).  He is our baby toucan.  A curl-crested aracari, to be specific.  He has the curliest feathers on top of his head. When Zippy takes a shower, his feathers straighten out and lay flat.  As his feather dry, they get curly again.

This is one of our most exciting bird shows!  You won’t miss it.  Please register at the number below.