We had such a fabulous time at Linwood Community Library, that we’re flying back to see our new friends on June 23rd.  

You are going to meet one of our super rare and much desired hyacinth macaws; they are the largest of all the parrot species and VERY gorgeous!  You’ll learn fascinating things about the hyacinths like their feathers really aren’t blue.  Really!  (Sorry you’ll have to attend to learn why).

You also will get to meet our baby toucan ‘Zippity’.  He’s called Zippy because he ZIPS over there, then ZIPS over here…  He is called a curl-crested aracari.  A really amazing fact about Zippy is when he takes a shower, those curly feathers on top of his head straighten out when wet.  When they dry, they get curly again.

If you have a desire to see one of our particular birds, please email us from the Contact page within this website, of the bird’s name, or what type of bird it is you’d like to meet. Sorry, the eagle-owl is not part of this year’s program.

As you know, space is limited, so come early for a good seat.