Missouri’s Best Hidden Secret Hideaway – Lost Valley Lake Resort in Owensville, Mo.

Where is Owensville? Southwest of St. Charles; Southeast of Columbia; Northeast of Springfield.
Lost Valley Lake Resort opened in 1982.  You can buy time shares or rent or camp there. They have lots of entertainment, which is we are going there!  It just happens to be Yvonne’s bird-day too (the President of Wings of Love, Inc.).

The cabins are quaint; there are different levels of pricing and to our knowledge, all have balconies where you can watch fireworks or the sun set.

We want to recommend a GREAT family restaurant nearby, Kline’s Family Restaurant in Rosebud, Mo. (closed Monday’s). https://www.klinesrestaurant.com/about1  Check out their homemade cinnamon rolls that are the size of a dinner plate!
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