‘Feathered Friends’ will be one of the most amazing programs you’ve ever seen.  It has our best birds in it who will WOW you when they roller skate, ride a bicycle, play basketball and spell words.  They sing songs and say the funniest things.  You will meet our baby toucan ‘Zippity’ who has the curliest feathers you’ve ever seen on top of his head.  You’ll have the pleasure of meeting some BIG and beautiful endangered birds as you grasp why they are endangered and why you should care.  Milonga is a beautiful red and royal blue hip-hop, break-dancing pollinator from the South Pacific who will have you laughing.  Be BLOWN AWAY by the wind produced under our Eurasian eagle-owl as he silently flies over the audience.

It has audience participants involved who will discover a live bird inside a book; enter a race with a macaw and cockatoo to see which parrot will take the hats off their heads first; and demonstrate how they are waterproofed by pouring water down a bird’s back.  Lots of fun, lots of laughs, and not a lot of room in the library, so CALL NOW to reserve your spot.