Free Bird Show Event- Overbrook Public Library


Awesome Birds

Looking for some great NATURIFIC family entertainment that’s educational? And FREE? Join us June 9th, 2017, at the Overbrook Public Library, located at 317 Maple, Overbrook, Ks. 66524. See a parrot ride a bicycle, raise the flag, play basketball, and other tricks. You’ll meet the largest type of owl in the world, an Eurasian eagle-owl; he will silently glide over the audience in flight at the end of the program; the largest type of parrot in the world, a hyacinth macaw, we may bring one of the following birds also: blue-throated macaw or shamrock macaw; a Moluccan cockatoo (salmon-crested cockatoo), all which are severely endangered birds. You will also hear birds talk, maybe even SING SONGS! You will be amazed as a child discovers live birds inside a book at the library. Those would be the smallest type of parrot in the world, a parrotlet.

Our show will last approximately 40 minutes, with questions/answers following. We hope to see you there. This is amazing WHOLESOME family entertainment and very educational for people of all ages. From 2 up to 102 years old.

Call ahead to reserve your spot.