Talon, newest owl

WANT TO VOLUNTEER?  We are always looking for help in caring for the birds, help with shows, and other things you could do.  Call us for details.

Creating earthly colors since 1970

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing educational bird shows to schools, special needs, churches, and the elderly.  To sponsor a 100% tax deductible bird show,visit the 'About Us' page and hit the Donate link. We do some parrot rescue when birds can no longer be cared for by their owners and provide loving care for birds in trusts.  We rehabilitate and resocialize prior to placing them up for adoption.

Wings of Love programs mesmerize young and old alike; all ages are entertained by the antics of the birds.  Our programs are the perfect family entertainment for any event - from birthdays to trade shows, from schools to retirement parties, from church gatherings to community events.

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Entertaining Bird Shows Educate & Inspire All

Yvonne Patterson has kept birds since she was two years old.  She has trekked through rainforests in nearly 20 countries; her experiences & photographs are internationally published.  She has created a unique opportunity to teach us about the important connection between the rainforests, our personal survivability, and the preservation of global natural resources.  Utilizing beautiful birds allows Yvonne to educate thousands of children and adults each year by putting them back in touch with the beauty of nature.

Programs - click here to see programs and shows we offer, and view a Christian video from one of our church youth programs.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our Educational Corner for free educational content on rainforests, to meet the birds, what to do when you find a baby bird, or order our DVDs.  We also offer information on feeding and keeping two-toed sloths in captivity, but not on purchasing one.

Wings of Love, Inc. is inspiring to all ages and allows one to appreciate and better understand nature.  It is our hope, that each location we visit, at least one child is moved to 'save a place for wildlife' when they grow up.  WE DO VACATION BIBLE SCHOOLS, BIRTHDAYS, BIRD RESCUE, AVIAN EDUCATION, BIBLE STUDIES ABOUT BIRDS IN THE BIBLE, RAINFOREST THEMES, SCOUTS, RETIREMENT CENTERS, LUAU'S, LIBRARIES, CLUB MEETINGS & CORP. EVENTS.  WE ARE WILLING TO CREATE A PROGRAM SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS.