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Eva is a delicate umbrella cockatoo. Umbrellas are the only ‘white’ cockatoo and get their names because their crest feathers are a semicircular shape like an umbrella.
She came to us from a woman who resented her because her ‘ex’ purchased her without her knowing it. She has an equivalent to a person with COPD and nearly died in 2020 from a kidney infection.
We treated her for an entire month and her bloodwork is almost perfect now! She is extremely sweet to everybody and we hope to improve her health as time goes by.
Elvis our little corella (bare-eyed cockatoo) get his name because he loves to dance to Elvis music.
He opens his wings, twists his body side to side, and bobs his head. These birds love to fly. Which is why we chose this lovely image taken by Vas Smilevski.
This species is sweet but a little more particular with whom they bond to. If you are in Australia, you may see the bare-eyed and galah cockatoos hanging out and foraging together.

Cockatoo Dundee is one of the SWEETEST and most loving rose-breasted cockatoos (galahs) you’ll ever meet.

She also has the most charming little voice. She came to us with two fatty tumors hanging from her rear end dangling making it impossible for her to even walk. Those had to be removed for the second time (we were told by the prior owner).

These birds should never be given seed – they are prone to obesity in captivity, as they don’t get anywhere near the exercise they would in the wild since they live in a cage.

Gizmo is our 47-year old very sweet yellow-naped Amazon parrot (Jacquot’s love). They have been together for almost 30 years.

She is the best talker in our shows.  She says all the normal things but has two very funny lines.

When a bird acts up sometimes she says “You wanna buy a bad bad bad bad bird?”. The other one is “I can talk…can you fly?”

Miss Zuri and Chelsea (past Wings of Love performers) sit on Yvonne’s shoulder posing for photographer Doug Oatman.


New Hyacinth Macaw performers Abby and Virgil share a loving pose. Virgil’s prior owner died of a stroke; these birds can live 100 years! The yellow around their eyes is their skin color. And their feathers really aren’t blue!

Uala a Salmon-Crested Cockatoo rides a high-wire at a Kansas City Home Show; and shows off his roller skating abilities.

Uala is Snowball’s oldest offspring (Snowball we’ve had since 1969) He was wild-caught. Nobody was breeding Cockatoos back then.

Uala riding her bicycle on America’s Got Talent with Yvonne Burbach

Wings of Love-Americas Got Talent

At Wings Of Love Bird Shows you will see birds that spell words, sing and answer questions!