Snowball was wild-caught & imported to U.S. in 1969. We got him when he was 6 months old and we still have him! He has always been a very healthy bird and is as loving as his offspring are.


Uala is the trickster of the show performing most of the tricks. He is the eldest son of Snowball and he learns new routines quickly. Charley Chuckles was donated to us & has cute antics.


Monet was rescued in the summer of 2013.  She is a shamrock hybrid macaw (cross between a scarlet and military) and loves to spread her wings open for you.  Currently she is taken out to shows as an 'extra' so if you'd like to include her let us know.


Swoop the eagle-owl was obtained when he was 9 days old. Eagle-owls are the largest types of owls in the world and the only owls with the red pigment in their eyes.


Tiki Toco Toucan is the largest member of the toucan family. The toco’s make quite loving birds, if purchased as hand-fed instead of parent-reared.  He's the naughty bird in our shows.
Meet our friend Jerry who breeds toucans.


Pinocchio is a very playful green aracari; the smallest of the toucan species originating in Central and South America. Both our toucans will be 14 this July and Pinocchio is showing signs of aging.  She is very adorable and loves children; let us know if you'd like us to bring her.


Milonga the red lory is our hip-hop break-dancing pollinator. He has pleasured thousands with his beautiful colors and awesome personality. He portrays an EMT rescue aotp his R/M firetruck.


Cockatoo Dundee is a wonderful rose-breasted cockatoo who actually purrs while being petted. These birds are common in Australia but rare in captivity.  She's great to take to girls' bird-day parties!

Miss Zuri and Chelsea

Miss Zuri (pun intended ~ we’re in Missouri) and hubby Chelsea are severely endangered hyacinth macaws. Chelsea is known as “Larry Bird” in our shows because of his awesome basketball skills.


Jacquot & Gizmo are our Amazon parrots (Jacquot's shown holding Gizmo's finger as he preens her).  When we performed for the Missouri Pilots Association, it was the first time she got a resounding “YES” in answer to her favorite question, “I can talk, can you fly?”


Gusto Bluebeard is an adorable blue-throated macaw, which are easily differentiated from the blue and gold macaw by their smaller size, blue throat and forehead, and the turquoise-blue wings and tail.


We have two beautiful white doves (Holy and Spirit) that we use in Christian programs to remind how the Lord used a dove to communicate to Noah the flood was over.  They sometimes go to assisted living facilities so if please request them if you'd like them.

Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bo Jangles express his fun-loving character to everyone he meets. Beware if you’re a college-aged guy as you will remind him of his years at a frat house where he was teased and learned some horrific language, which he doesn’t use any more.  Cool


Everybody loves triton cockatoo Cosmo after she tells says “I love you!” This type of cockatoo originates in New Guinea and adjacent islands of the S. Pacific. Three tritions were also the famous 'Fred' parrots in the 1970's Baretta TV series.


StarGazer's Mother used to be in our shows.  He is a green-winged macaw, the 4th largest of all parrots.  He loves to sing opera and always does his head in a Stevie Wonder / Ray Charles mode during our shows.  Sometimes he breaks out his opera singing.


Olivia & Savannah our African grey parrots are our 2013 blessings. Greys are masters of mimicry: microwaves beeping, trucks backing up, telephones/conversations, belches, etc. They are learning lots of fun things for the shows.


Tobi and Tango are two of of the sweetest little birds you'll meet.  Tango (on left) is an African Senegal parrot, and Tobi (on right) is a blue-headed Pionus (central/S. America).  We are so fortunate to have these birds; you'll love them too!

Pickles and Apples

Pickles & Apples are adorable parrotlets; the smallest of all parrots. We put them inside an empty book and have kids discover its exciting characters.  Yvonne Patterson-Burbach (trainer) raises these and their blue mutation friends.


Abby is a very joyful hyacinth macaw. 2015 is her first year of being in our programs. She is also on loan to us from Amy Chamberlain. Everybody loves her, not only for her rarity, but her outstanding personality.


Amazon Buddy has an adorable voice for singing “You Are My Sunshine”, “How Much is that Birdie in the Window”, “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and other songs. He’s currently being trained to sing on cue for our shows. Thanks to Amy Chamberlain for the loan of this bird.


Charisma & Rio came back to us from a dear friend who passed away from cancer. Cindy Evaro purchased Charisma in 2007 to do safety shows for children. Charisma is another of Snowball’s babies and Rio is a citron cockatoo.



Charisma & Rio came back to us from
a dear friend who passed away from cancer. Cindy Evaro purchased Charisma
in 2007 to do safety shows for children.
Charisma is another of Snowball’s babies and Rio is a citron cockatoo.